Parramatta Park – The Gardens Precinct: Stage 1 complete


The first stage of our The Gardens Precinct project in Parramatta Park is now complete.

The project has always been about encouraging the public to make more use of this valuable open space.

Joshua French, Principal Program Officer, Recreation and Infrastructure, Parramatta Park and Western Sydney Parklands Trust said of the project:

“We are extremely pleased with the recently opened first stage of the Gardens Precinct at Parramatta Park. This work has gracefully simplified the space, provided a great arrival into Parramatta Park from the CBD and delivered value for money. Phillips Marler provided a simple, robust and delightful scheme and we look forward to delivering the next stage when funding becomes available.”

This project is moving into two further stages with a concept design package now complete for a riverside boardwalk, new playspace and the restoration of the Macquarie Dam all part of the ongoing works for this important revitalisation project in the World Heritage area of Parramatta Park.