Parramatta Park – The Gardens Precinct playspace


Parramatta Playspace

The new playspace in The Gardens Precinct Parramatta Park is an exciting opportunity to interpret the cultural significance of Old Government House and the Government Domain World Heritage area to the community through art and play experiences.

The playspace will be built on the site of an existing playspace which is  archaeologically sensitive. Our  construction method will not involve excavation and will tread lightly on the ground. Concrete slabs will be poured over the proposed protective sand layer and geofabric protecting the archaeological sublayers.

The concepts for the playspace have been inspired by the form and use of wattle and daub as a building method. The geometric structure of the wattle construction has inspired the creation of a shade and part-panel structure reminiscent of the rooms and walls of the early cottages.  The panels will be enriched with images in coloured glass panels and cast bronze ‘love tokens’ that emulate the whimsical messages that the convicts created as well as text in the ground.

PLAY Sections A3

Parramatta Play Space West Elevation