A Spring opening for Parramatta Park – The Gardens Precinct



After nearly two years of painstaking design and documentation by Phillips Marler, archaeological investigations by GML and construction by Ford Civil Contracting Pty Ltd., The Gardens Precinct Stage 1 is almost complete.

Excavation works to restore the historic pond in Murray Gardens have created a new water body and the transformation of the George Street entry and promenade is underway with seating and circulation areas almost complete with beautiful sandstone supplied by Gosford Quarries.


Plantings of Algerian Oaks along the promenade, grown on for the project in Echuca, will emulate the original plantings of English Oaks planted in the Macquarie period. The Murray Gardens are being revitalised with large areas of planting both ornamental and native for a sensory garden at this important gateway to Parramatta CBD. The project will be opening in early spring.

Joshua French, Principal Program Officer, Recreation and Infrastructure, Parramatta Park and Western Sydney Parklands Trust said of the project:

‘We are delighted with the works currently under construction within The Gardens Precinct in Parramatta Park. Phillips Marler have delicately worked with the historical layers of this precinct developing a design that is transforming this key entry of the park.’

This project is moving into two further stages with a concept design package now complete for a riverside boardwalk, new playspace and the restoration of the Macquarie dam all part of the ongoing works for this important revitalisation project in the World Heritage area of Parramatta Park.


Parramatta Stage 2-Boardwalk and Lookout Visualisation