Blundells Cottage – Landscape Documentation of Canberra’s oldest building

Blundells Cottage built 6

Four years since we commenced the Masterplan for this project, construction of the landscape setting for the Blundells Cottage Precinct is complete.

Blundells Cottage built - opening 2

Built by RAM Constructions, a ministerial launch was a great way to acknowledge the new landscape works by Phillips Marler including courtyard spaces and pathworks, ornamental and productive gardens,  a new small amenities building and exterior lighting by Lighting Art & Science (LAAS).

Blundells Cottage built 4

Blundells Cottage built 16

These works were carried out at the same time as meticulous conservation works of the Slab Shed by Pip Giovanelli Heritage Architect and Myles Gostelow, conservator as well as revitalised interiors and lighting to Blundells Cottage.


Blundells Cottage built 10