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Maitland Park – Interpretive Design and new shared path

Maitland Council engaged Phillips Marler, teaming with Barnett Design, to address designs for a shared path and interpretive design for Maitland Park a major parkland in Maitland’s CBD.

Our design work followed a Plan of Management and Masterplan for the site which sets out key principles for heritage management and managing the cultural values.

The Park has a long and rich history that is evident through the memorials. These include a rare avenue of honour for Boer War veterans, structures, and range of paths and circulation patterns which are reflected in the avenues and ageing infrastructure.

The historic character and ambience of the Park provide a tangible link to Maitland’s past. The park provides an historical reference to how the Maitland community has changed and developed over time. It is this historic and cultural association that encourages a sense of ownership and respect for the Park.

The project had several aims:

  • Maintain the Park as Maitland’s recognised premier park and multi-purpose facility that provides recreational facilities, open space and historical education experiences to serve the local and regional community
  • Enhance the aesthetics of the Park through a signage strategy sympathetic to the historic identity of the Park
  • Improve access and circulation by emphasising pedestrian and cycle paths and reducing the emphasis on the car dominance in the park
  • Create improved connections between the park, the CBD of Maitland and surrounding community areas and public transport nodes outside the park.