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Parramatta Park – The Gardens Precinct

The Gardens Precinct is at the heart of the World Heritage precinct of Parramatta Park.

Its importance lies in its rich and wide ranging attributes and values.  Part of the World Heritage serial listing of Australian Convict sites, its history of being the site of the Early colonial settlement of Parramatta, and its high cultural significance as meeting place for the Burramatta Clan of the Darug people.

Phillips Marler are currently involved in a major design and documentation for this site. Our selection for this $7 million project recognised our capability in both landscape architecture and landscape heritage and consists of the following precincts

  • Murray Gardens and Creek
  • George Street Gatehouse promenade and
  • The northern area of the Gardens as it intersects with the Parramatta River and the rapidly changing CBD of Parramatta

Interpreting and understanding the historic layers of the site made this a complex project for our landscape heritage team with the competing interests of conservation and new design to create more vibrant spaces.  Elements of former colonial structures and roads were revealed by an archaeological dig. The first stage is nearing construction.

This project meant engaging with a world heritage landscape with high evidence of archaeology and built heritage. It is a privilege to work in such a significant place, but painstaking at the same time.

We relish the detail and the process of working through the issues with Parramatta Park Trust to ensure the design is always complimentary to the significance of the place and provides a rich experience for the public.