Projects / Architecture

Audley Dance Hall

This restoration project is the culmination of years of planning, fund-raising efforts and complex construction works in order to realise the revitalisation of the historic Audley precinct, in the heart of the Royal, Australia’s oldest national park.

The project combines architecture and landscape architecture in a single integrated vision.

The 1948 Audley Dance Hall has been restored and adaptively re-used to provide a new park visitors centre and leasable cafe and hall space, making this building the hub of the Audley precinct and National Park.

  • The main western elevation of the building facing the river has been largely restored to its 1948 appearance and the original vibrant 1948 paint colour scheme has been returned.
  • Modern services and communications have been installed throughout. New work has been carefully inserted into the heritage fabric.
  • Sustainable technologies, including solar and natural ventilation strategies have been adopted.
  • The formerly disused lower floor with it marvellous exposed structure of rustic bush poles and beams has been restored to its former glory and is now a lively, busy space.

The restoration of the upper floor dance hall, with its original expansive views across the river, has created a return to its airy 1940’s dance hall ambience.

Photography by Eric Sierins