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Minchinbury Winery Entry Restoration and Park

Wine-making on the Minchinbury Estate dates back to the 1860’s.

In 1913 Minchinbury was purchased by Penfolds who made wine on the estate until 1978 when it was purchased by Landcom.

Apart from the original access driveway, lined with olive trees planted by winemaker Leo Buring in 1912, the estate has been completely subdivided and given over to housing.

Phillips Marler were commissioned by Blacktown Council to prepare drawings to enable the restoration of the Minchinbury Estate entry and driveway fronting the Great Western Highway and the creation of a new interpretive park.

Apart from the 1920’s ‘Penfolds’ concrete wing walls, the entire entry assemblage consisting of concrete pillars, concrete and metal fencing, metal entry gates and the 1950’s ‘Minchinbury’ arched metal sign had been removed from the site in the 1980’s.

Fortunately the ‘Minchinbury’ sign was saved and has recently been restored. By using this sign as a scaling device and studying photographs of the entry taken in the 1980’s before it was demolished, we were able to prepare drawings which will enable the complete restoration of the entry pillars, gates and fences.